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In our exclusive private chinese lessons, we have 1-to-1 or private small group lessons. In our private chinese lessons, you can choose what you want to learn most in the chinese language, or simply just to focus on your weakness in any areas of the chinese language.

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Our private customised chinese classes is very widely popular amongst the working professionals in Singapore, especially for those who are on an accelerated learning curve as they are looking to venture to chinese speaking countries to expand on their businesses on a short notice.

Some of our customers prefer this private coaching as it has been proven to be very customised and focused on their needs.


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" I'd always wanted to learn to speak Chinese but I was scared to speak the wrong words and become (malu) (translated: embarassed). Finally I decided to learn how to speak Chinese and I want to thank ChineseClassesInSingapore who helped me achieve my goal! Xie xie (Thank you)! " 

-- Siti

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