Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a series of FAQs commonly asked by our customers here.


+ What if customers are not satisfied with the service?
+ What is the fast track to learn Chinese (the shortest course period)?
+ What will the students achieve after their courses?
+ Who are the students whom use your services?
+ Any activities to interact between students and Chinese language?
+ Are all teachers native speakers?
+ Are all teachers experienced and qualified?
+ Is there any group discount?
+ What are the materials that are provided to the students?
+ Is the fee for materials inclusive in the course fee?
+ How quickly can the student be arranged for class upon completion of registration?
+ What are the operating hours of the school?
+ Where is the school located?


If your queries are not addressed in the list above, please fill up the enquiry form below and we will contact you shortly.

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" I'd always wanted to learn to speak Chinese but I was scared to speak the wrong words and become (malu) (translated: embarassed). Finally I decided to learn how to speak Chinese and I want to thank ChineseClassesInSingapore who helped me achieve my goal! Xie xie (Thank you)! " 

-- Siti

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